" Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree,
it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid"
Albert Einstein

Do you know what kind of genius you are?

Assessment Goals

The primary goal of the Assessment process is to create a Win-Win outcome for both the individual and the organization. The assessments are intended to identify and maximize the alignment between the natural abilities and capacity of the individual with the opportunities and responsibilities of a particular position. Good alignment results in natural productivity. This alignment produces a sweet spot for the individual and the organization. The productivity is sustainable, the work is satisfying and the results are effective.

Why Fit Matters

Social Scientist have been studying the vocational process involving people and jobs for about 100 years. There are a few consistent and big take aways from this century long effort. Central to all these findings is this:

Nothing beats a good fit between the person and the job. Satisfaction, effectiveness, retention and productivity are all anchored in matching and aligning natural giftedness and design with the opportunities and responsibilities of a particular job. Get this part right and everybody wins, get this part wrong and everybody will struggle to make it work.

Assessment Process

Clients will receive and complete two Assessment instruments. 

The Self-Directed Search (SDS) will identify ares of primary interest, satisfaction and motivation in the work place setting. 

The Revised NEO Personality  Inventory  (NEO PI-R;) is an instrument that measures the five major domains of normal personality traits.

Client will receive a written summary report for both the Vocational and the Personality measures.

The SDS reflects what a person " likes to do"

The NEO PI-R reflects what a person is " like when they do it."

Taken together the measures of Vocational interest and the Personality style provide a kind of Latitude and Longitude for identifying the intersection of personal satisfaction and professional effectiveness. 

Standard Individual Assessment and Cost

Clients will receive two written summary reports  after completing and returning the two Assessment instruments. A one hour phone review and consultation will be scheduled with Dr. Worcester. The clients results will be discussed and reviewed during this call. Specific questions and recommendations will also be addressed during this consultation.


Organizational Services Available

Life Together provides a range of services for companies of all sizes. A sample of those services include the following:

  • Assessment for potential hires
  • Custom Organizational database 
  • Supervisory coaching
  • Team Assessments/ Capacity and Communication
  • Career Tracking for individuals 
  • Healthy Conflict Resolution 
  • Reorganizations/ Transitions
  • Team Database with Comparison Profiles
  • Mission and Culture Development

Group and Custom Assessments
Group testing and services targeted to your groups needs

Company events, Team building events,
Training topics on Professional and Personal health. 

The above services are available and priced per event.
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