Marriage Intensives

For marriages needing immediate restoration & transformation 

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You might need an intensive if your marriage...

Feels distant and you're not able to connect. 

Is in crisis over a recent event.

Can go for long periods of time without talking.

Has areas of unforgiveness or resentment.

Is experiencing unspoken animosity.

Has experienced hurt through addiction, infidelity, health issues or family dynamics. 

We can help!

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How it works...

Marriage Intensives are built and designed around your specific circumstances, problems and needs of your relationship and creates the space to walk through the hurts in a supportive and structured setting.

Before We Meet

We'll schedule a 1-Hour Pre-Intensive Phone Session to figure out the needs of your relationship and choose date/location. 

Then we'll send over two assessments that will help identify the primary areas of motivation, satisfaction, personality and preferences within your relationship. 

The Intensive Weekend 

We'll spend around 25 hours of on-site processing time to discuss your relationship profile and specific components, opportunities, challenges and how you’re managing your life together.

Based on the relationship needs, we'll equip you with tools and practices to take home that are designed for your unique relationships and situation.

Follow Up

A 1-Hour Post-Intensive session will be scheduled to follow up on how the priorities and practices are going back at home. 

Marriage Intensives start at $3,500. Payment plans are available. 

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