Wind, Water and Life

Hiking this weekend, I came across a cool old windmill.
Originally constructed on this homestead property in the 1930’s.
It still works.

Windmills have kind of a cool job,
They bring cool water to thirsty places and to thirsty people.

They make what is hidden available to those in need.
They let the wind do its good work.

They stand their ground through the seasons and through the decades.
They are simple in design and elegant in function.
They are designed for the benefit of others.

I know some windmill people. I have tasted the cool water flowing from their simple, beautiful and elegant lives.

They have weathered the seasons and the decades, none of the thirsty have been turned away from their well of fresh water.

The have helped others thrive, they have blessed and refreshed friends, strangers and travelers.

They have connected to a source beyond themselves. They have tapped into something life giving and essential and they are bringing it to the surface where all who are thirsty can come and drink freely.

Windmill people are hard to forget. Our souls are thirsty for the kind of water they bring.
A parched man never forgets the cup of cold water that brings such deep relief.

But more memorable than the water that saved his life, is the person that recognized his life was worth saving.

Those faces and the words spoken over us during our deepest thirst and greatest need our inked onto our hearts.

We are marked permanently and deeply by the acts of generosity and grace shown us during our most vulnerable and desperate moments.

My tattoos are all on the inside. Faces and words inked onto my soul by the quite miracles and kindness shown to a thirsty man.

I am thankful today for windmills and for the people who have lived like them. Hope you have tasted the cool fresh water as well!

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