The divorce rate is skyrocketing and fear, loneliness and stress have become more prevalent in homes.

Many churches are struggling to navigate the tension and find balance between gathering in-person while honoring the safety guidelines of COVID. 

marriages need help. 

Because of this, we’ve created a simple way for churches to minister to marriages while navigating the tension and logistics of gathering.

Marriage & Go

A Guided Online Marriage Retreat Designed To Serve Marriages That Need Restoration and Re-engagement Without the Logistics of Gathering.

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How It Works

How It Works

You choose 1, 2 or 3 viable weekends that correspond with your organizations calendar. Of these agreed upon weekends, couples choose which weekend to participate in Marriage & Go.

Together yet separate

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We handle logistics


As a group, you’ll participate in Marriage & Go together online. Couples make their own getaway plans (hotel, cabin, Airbnb) and choose where they want to go. If they want to go as a small group to the same hotel, they can choose that. If they’d prefer to do it by themselves, that’s great too!

Our team handles the online registration and administrative logistics. A specific link is created for only your group. Because it’s online, there is no limit to the number of registrations. It is not necessary for your admin and facility teams to work through logistics of where or how to gather. Our team will be available throughout the weekend to help with any tech support issues.

We'll email each registered couple the details and guide them through how Marriage & Go works: the schedule, what to pack, and what to expect. The marriage material is a mix of videos, devotionals, activities, and worksheet for reconnecting.


the cost

A base fee (deposit) of $2500 due upon the signing of the Partnership Form.

Couples pay $50 Marriage & Go registration fee plus their own weekend accommodations.

Each registration fee collected will be credited to the base deposit fee of $2500.

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Inside the Marriage Material

Bring this marriage retreat to your church! 


If you've ever felt unsure how to navigate your marriage's hurts (Hi! You're welcome here!), this one's for you. We're going to take a step back and start with, what kind of marriage do you desire? 

First, we will discuss how the origin of relational love, hope, and goodness comes from God. We are meant for real relationships, and He wants to wake us up to His goodness and experience deep connection and understanding within our marriage. 

Next, we'll discuss why real relationships are risky. It's one thing to talk about marriage, it's a whole different thing to be doing marriage, right? God is inviting you into something exciting and risky - to step into a relationship and experience yourself and your spouse in a new way. There is a desire in us to be both known and loved. Still, we get stuck because we're unsure how to navigate the hurt we've experienced. 

That's where we come in. We'll help you re-connect with one another in a new and exciting way. We will guide you through every step of the way and help you recognize your hearts and the desires you have for your marriage. 

Saturday morning

Now that you know God is asking you to step into the waterfall of your marriage, let's talk about how to experience this process. 

All marriages are sequels. It's the merging of two stories into one that makes is messy. It's scary, mysterious, and risky as you bring your own history and brokenness. 

We each have a way of dealing with ourselves and our own battles that either create separation or brings us together in our marriage. God invites us to examine ourselves, to move past our old self, family history, and systems, and create a new narrative of oneness with our spouse. However, if our marriages are in survival mode, we have a limited perception of our available resources.

In this session, we navigate what's going on inside each of us without shame and judgment. Once we understand how God sees us, with softness and grace, we can look at the battles going on inside of us without defensiveness and our marriage can begin to heal. 

Saturday Night

What good is our brokenness if it's not actually leading us towards a more safe and intimate relationship? 

Jesus wants to be current in our marriage. He wants to travel with us through the storms and put things back together so that we are fulfilled. 

In this session, we demonstrate how to do ask for and receive forgiveness from your spouse. 

Sunday morning

If we can offer hospitality to each other within our marriage, it grows in oneness.

Hospitality has the power to heal wounds. In this session, we talk about the goodness and challenges we experience when we make room for one another. 

1 week follow up

We check in with how you are doing in your Oneness by emailing  a 5th Session video one week after Marriage & Go. You'll create space at home to discuss how to deal with the unnecessary weight and distractions hindering you from drawing closer to God and your Oneness.

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Ready to Bring Marriage & Go to your church or Organization?

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